lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

New administration

Well, I´m taking the position of new administrator of this blog, so let me make a little presentation for you.
My name is IMP, Im a student and Im here because I have enough time to make daily posts. Im not a friki, but I like to see anime and play videogames, though I haven´t too much time now because i have to take exams. Additionally, I like to run and make exercise and also, I enjoy every minute I listen to music.
What do u ask??? If I like writing??? well... mmmmmm... I always was a bit silly when I had to write. My mind got blank and my head ached. But now is a bit different. I have to say that Im not a good writer, also, and this maybe is important, Im not an english native speaker as u can see. But I like english and I wanna learn more to write and speak better.
Do u have girlfriend?? No, I dont, but it is not because I dont want, it´s because the last girlfriend I had it was too stressful and Im still resting and recovering of that experience.
mmmmm... do u wanna know more about me?? just ask me, I´ll be glad to answer any question, doesnt matter the topic or if it is personal.
Ahhhh... the last thing... maybe Im not the better man or friend or whatever, but I do my best to help any person that need it, just ask me and I´ll be there for you.

This is one of my favourite songs, so let me share it with you. See ya :D

(Off topic) I´m happy to be here again

Hi everybody!! I´m glad to be here again. It was a hard time since I left the blog but I´m a bit better now so I decided to come back :D wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Well, I really dont know what I´m gonna do now, It´s hard to say because I have a blank in my mind, though I´m gonna do my best to share whatever I want and feel, anyday anytime
So, glad to be here and thanks for your visits.